Winter's Grim Tidings is a 5E compatible adventure for 4-5 characters of 7th-9th level. It can easily be adapted for higher or lower levels, or converted to other game systems.  


Written by: Mark Hart & Matt "KC Rift" Everhart

Art by: Rick Hershey, Alexandre Silveria, and Phil Stone

Edited by: Danny Lee Grimes


Winter's Grim Tidings is a new take on an old legend - Krampus. Instead of a demonic entity, what if the Krampus was of the fey? Explore what happens when the fools of a nearby village decide they no longer believe in the "old ways" of the Witch of the Woods or the Krampus!


According to legend, the days surrounding the longest night of the year belonged to Jolfadr, the Yule-Father. Stories described how he, accompanied by the Great Hunt, scoured the lands of Baennor of the undead, evil spirits, and other fell monsters. The Yuletide holiday lasted three days, culminating with a feast on the longest night to celebrate Jolfadr, who in turn bestowed his blessings upon those who feasted in his honor and respected traditions. Those who committed evil acts repented of their sins and offered penance to the Yule-Father out of fear that they, too, would run afoul of the Great Hunt.

Winter's Grim Tidings - A 5e Compatible Adventure for 7th-9th Characters

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