The Commonwealth has been expanding its borders for the last century. Within the last 40 years, they have focused much of their effort on expanding their colonial holdings on the continent of Daelus. The agents have been newly assigned to the city of Meresburg – the largest city on the continent – and, up to this point, have found the work to be quite boring.


All is not well in the far off hamlet of Raven’s Barrow, however. Murder is on everyone’s mind after a woman, Ygrid Barnswallow, was found brutalized in her own home. The community is small – barely seventy people – and on the frontier of the Commonwealth, far away from most petty jealousies
or covetous thievery. The perpetrator remains at large, and the townsfolk are fearful.

The people of Raven’s Barrow have reached out to Meresburg for help. A poor settlement so far away from civilization, however, makes for a poor case and generates little interest. The Blackwood Agents, however, eager to prove themselves and break the monotony of boredom at their station, are ready to answer the call. Something in the note suggests a far deeper, more sinister element behind this tragedy.


They take up the case and head into the countryside in search of answers.

Ep 1- Rumblings at Raven's Barrow

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