Update: A Collection of Concept Art that are helping to shape the Eryphir Campaign Setting

Note: The art pictured in the pins is all concept art collected from around pintrest and will not be included in the adventure series

It has been a little of over a month since our last update and I wanted to get some information out to you about the Kickstarter and how we are going about developing the artwork for this setting - we fully believe that the art makes the setting and what we are trying to put together will really stand apart from just about anything you have seen up to this point.

Here is a LINK to our Pintrest Board with concepts for just about everything in the setting:


Here are a few tidbits and key phrases that will help you wrap your mind around the Eryphir setting:

- Fast Paced: Action, Adventure, Daring, Fast Aeroships, Speed, Technology

- 1910's European Alternate Reality: Conflict, Imperialism, Industrialization, Mecha, War

- Magic-borne Technology: Elemental and Chemical Weapons, Mechanical Transportation

- Clash of Civilizations: Technology vs. Tradition; Old Ways vs. New

- Old Ones Slumber: Malevolence permeates; Evil prevails when Good does nothing

Here are some of the pics (check out the PINTREST link above!!) that we're sending to our artists to use as a theme for Eryphir! Tell us what you think!

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KC Rift

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