Shadow of the Arena - a 6-part Campaign in the Shadow of the Demon Lord RPG!

Dungeons & Dragons gets a lot of attention these days, but there are plenty of other role-playing games available. Many of them are just as entertaining as they are diverse in content and mechanics. In our 6-part campaign, Shadow of the Arena, the Couch Wizards play gladiators in the city of Qif. Through the series they struggle to survive as much as they do for dominance both in and out of the arena.

This Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign is being run by three-time Iron GM winner, Erik Frankhouse. Frankhouse has put together an amazing story that we cannot wait for you to experience with us!

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Episode Dates (live on Twitch)

- April 15th, 2020 - "Ownership"

- April 26th, 2020

- May 13th, 2020

- May 27th, 2020

- June 10th, 2020

- June 24th, 2020

Be sure to get your Stream Loot cards as well! With these cards, you can influence the game in exciting (and sometimes hilarious) ways!!


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Our sponsor Norse Foundry for the prizes and support. They are even giving 15% off of the store during the 6 episode stream.

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To the Wizards of the Couch team for making all the overlays, cards, technical work

To our GM, Erik Frankhouse for running this gruesomely enjoyable slaughter-fest of a game and their work on the roll 20 table.

Last but not least, Thank you to Robert J. Schwalb for letting us use Shadow of the Demon Lords amazing art and creating a game that we love so very much. HAIL!

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