Sanctuary of Sin - Pathfinder 2nd Edition w/ Gamemaster Stephen Radney-Macfarland

Updated: Apr 8

In Part 1 of "Sanctuary of Sin", the party makes it to the village of Salvoy. They seek, along with many others, a fountain of youth that will undoubtedly lead to fame and fortune. Once in town, however, the leaders there have other things in store for them.

Stephen Radney-MacFarland, formerly the Senior Game Designer for Paizo Publishing, and now imminent self-publisher of the new Delve RPG, takes a couple of the Wizards and a hearty band of adventurers on a wild ride through the "Sanctuary of Sin" where we get the opportunity to play through Pathfinder 2nd Edition with SRM as the Gamemaster!

Join us for an exciting adventure through the "Sanctuary of Sin!" - Part 1!

The Players

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