A new Dungeons & Dragons Compatible Adventure: Cult of the Kraken

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Into the town of Glimmerton! The town of roughly 200 people is the stereotypical farming community. There are whitewashed, wooden houses lining two streets running parallel to the sea. There is a single type of shop for most needs, including, among other things, an aethergraph station, a smithy, a restaurant, an inn, and a general store. Everyone is incredibly cordial and apparently happy to see the agents when they arrive into town.

WizCo Games is happy to announce our newest patron project, The Cult of the Kraken! This will be a one-shot adventure introducing the players to the coastal town of Glimmerton. The townsfolk are warm and inviting when the adventurers arrive, but not everything is as it seems...

When the adventurers are asked to run off pirates who have been harassing the local fishermen, things begin to unravel quite quickly!

"The Cult of the Kraken" is our first patron-inspired adventure with input and ideas from our supporters baked right into the adventure! 

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