Kickstarter Review - Quest RPG

There is a kickstarter up right now (November, 2019) called Quest - the boundless yet balanced RPG. It promises to be " imaginative, tabletop RPG that opens a world of endless adventure to its players, the likes of which are found nowhere else". This one in particular caught my attention because of the art they have put into it already - and I was surprised I had not yet heard of it - no social media posts, no hints on those RPG news sources, nothing.

With everyone and their mother using these days, I suppose it shouldn't be that surprising, but I do like some of the pieces in this kickstarter and I thought you might too.

However, after looking through the art, perusing the meat of the write-up I was left a little vexed by the information....and there is a lot of it. The strange thing to me is that the majority of it reads just like a Dungeons & Dragons clone, but is advertised as "a vastly versatile table top RPG that's incredibly fair and balanced". For example, instead of a Dungeon Master, you the gamemaster plays the role of the Storyteller.

Looking a bit deeper into the descriptions, the amount of options in their proposal are incredible! 64 races - yes SIXTY-FOUR - playable races and some 400 feats in the main book. The also introduce a new mechanic called "birth signs" that sound as though they are character traits or special abilities your character receives based upon, well, the time of their birth.

Furthermore, what took me by surprise were the additional PDF promises in addition to the print book! With the digital add-ons, Quest is promising another 18 playable races, 1,000 spells, 150 classes, and another 100 feats.

Too Grand?

If there is one thing I've learned from our most recent Eryphir kickstarter, it's that approaching a new idea with a ton of promises can be too big for people to digest in one project. For my money, I would like to see some examples of the 82 playable races or 150 classes. Instead it is several book pages worth of re-explaining how D&D works.

There does not seem to be any indication of how many people are working on this project, but the spells alone would require hundreds of hours of work to complete. How varied could 150 classes be? There are a lot of questions that they should probably consider answering in the kickstarter itself.

None of this takes into account there are no fewer than 2 other role-playing games on Kickstarter that use "Quest RPG" as the title of their game. If this KS does make it to the finish line, there is going to be some changes needed before it will go to market.


I'm a big fan of the work they have obviously put into the Quest RPG. Art is, by far, the most expensive part of any production. Getting good quality is often balanced with having enough art in the book to really make an impression - i.e. sacrificing quality for quantity, while on a budget.

That being said, this seems like a ton of promises wrapped up in vague packaging and re-hashed rules with not a lot of "new" for what is supposed to be a stand-alone RPG. As of the release of this post, Quest was just under 50% funded with about 17 days to go. I'm no Kickstarter wizard, but it seems like "less is more" in this particular case. Throwing the book at prospective new clients just does not seem to work in this sales space (i.e. crowd sourcing). Too many people have been burned too badly with over-hyped, over-promised kickstarters that many are hesitant to enter the market.

Anyway, that's my two-cents.



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