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Eryphir Campaign Primer

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The streets of Rynmark are well lit at night - the dangers, however, still lurk in the shadows.

If you have heard the name "Eryphir" (Air-eh-fear), but have not really read up on it, now is your chance! Check out the free campaign primer over on our production site on the best campaign management and world builder on the market, World Anvil!

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Welcome to the land of Eryphir (air-eh-fear) - a world imagined by Matt “KC Rift” Everhart, but created by you, the players. The arcanapunk land of Eryphir is filled with medieval fantasy tropes as well as modern to semi-modern technical wonders. Together, hand-in-hand, the marvels of science and the wonders of magic blend together to create a truly fantastical world.

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