Behind the Tech Curtain: Introduction & Display Who is Talking on your Twitch Stream: (Part 1).

Updated: Jan 18

Welcome to “Behind the Tech Curtain.”

Into uncharted territory I venture…. You might think as head “Tech” wizard for WizCo Games, with a long tenure within the I.T. industry, I might have written a technical blog entry or two. Well, I am here to tell you that would be an incorrect assumption my good friends.

Last thing ever on my radar!

However, with great privilege comes great responsibility! I consider it a privilege to be a part of this dynamic and creative group of individuals.

When I started my Twitch channel almost 4 years ago, I never imagined this is where my streaming sessions would lead me. Look at me now… helping to develop RPG game content, conducting interviews of industry / creative professionals and attending multiple gaming conventions per year.

It has been crazy, hectic and a ton of fun!

So what can you expect from my blog content? My posts will primarily focus on inciting tips and revealing tweaks you can use to enhance your online gaming experience, both as a DM/GM and as a player.

Possible coverage topics and discussion areas:

  • VTT Platforms – Reviews, tips and tricks, published content and addons

  • Gaming enhancements – Music and sound platforms, management tools

  • Streaming – Software review, streaming settings, graphic and overlay design and use

  • Audience suggestions – Patrons and subscriber Q&A

So once again, welcome to “Behind the Tech Curtain.” I hope you find my posts enlightening, helpful and useful in your daily, weekly or monthly RPG tabletop games. Whether it be a virtual online or in-person tabletop session, always remember… The most important aspect is to have fun!

On with the show……

A question that I get asked A TON is how I setup my Twitch overlay to show which player is talking during a session that does not incorporate player webcam video. Since this answer has multiple parts, it will be easier using recorded video snippets on just how to accomplish this task. Also, trying to type the answer would take months and would confuse you more than help!

However, the first part of this lesson will be simply to visit this link:

Discord’s Streamkit Overlay for OBS and XSplit -

This website provides the browser source code needed to replicate, albeit visually, what is happening within your Discord voice channel while your game session is happening. I suggest you get familiar with this tool beforehand.

PRO TIP: you must have Discord open to use the tool.

In my next post, I will review this tool and some CSS code that will help you integrate the corresponding widget into your Twitch overlay and live stream…

Until next time……

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