Alex Kammer – Best and Worst D&D Modules – Ep 19

In our last episode we discussed tips with Thomas Koch on how to stream your D&D game . In this episode, we meet with Alex Kammer, game designer, Gamehole Con owner, and lover of tacos. We wanted to talk about the best and worst D&D modules published in the last 4 decades – and who better to cover this topic than the man who has, well, all of them!

Some of the BEST:

1) Lost Mines of Phandelver

2) Ruins of Greyhawk

Some of the WORST:

1) Tomb of Horrors

2) Castle Greyhawk

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Tell us in the comments what your most favorite and most reviled D&D modules are – we’d love to hear from you!

Game designer, thousandaire, collector, taco eater – Alex Kammer is a fancy lad who does as little as possible, but it always seems like it is too much.

His most recent big 5e book is Sea King’s Malice from Frog God Games, but you should not read it because it is scary. You will never get in the tub nor be able to look a jellyfish in the eyes again. He is the Director/Owner of some show called Gamehole Con and is one of the owners of True Dungeon. Finally, Alex really really likes D&D, like a lot – really to the point of not being reasonable or healthy about it.

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