10 D&D Adventure Hooks for your City RPG Campaign

November is a great month for feasts and family - and games around the table should be no different! This month WizCo Games presents 10 Adventure Hooks for your city campaign! Whether your party is based entirely in the city, or just passing through and killing a little time, the hooks are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

1. A sink hole opened in the middle of town last evening. While startling on its own, the hole opened up beneath the home of a local politician. The politician and her family is now missing. There appear to be tunnels in the hole amid the debris of the house.

2. The local brewery has lost its shipment of stout! The delivery was due yesterday and there has been no sign of it. The owner is positive this has something to do with his rival across town and wants something done about it. He has no idea the stout is a favorite of a nearby goblin chieftain.

3. The sewers in town have backed up and the lower district is flooding! Many parts of the town are ankle deep in sewage already. Something must be done before there is a riot! It turns out a swarm of giant ants have moved in, drawn to the smells of a local honey farm. They have dug up much of the lower district to make their hive, blocking the sewers in the process!

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