10 D&D Adventure Hooks for your Halloween Tabletop RPG

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Making it just under the wire and in time for Halloween, WizCo Games presents 10 spooky Adventure Hooks for October 2019!

1. A young man or woman asks one of the adventurers for help finding their lost heirloom in the nearby caverns. The cave system is infested with ghouls and other undead making it particularly dangerous. When the party returns the item, only the original adventurers can see them - they fade away shortly after taking the item.

2. There is a small village a few days out of town that has requested help from the capital. Their children have recently started going missing. When the adventurers arrive, they find very little trace of those who have gone missing. Soon, they discover grisly evidence in the nearby field...where the children lie in wait, attacking them with new and amazing mental powers.

3. Farmer Telthro has been found murdered in his own corn field! The adventurers investigate only to discover a restless spirit has inhabited the farmer's scarecrow - now the party is in a race against time to destroy the scarecrow before it kills again!

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