10 Adventure Hooks for December

Historically speaking, there is much more to the winter festivals that occur in December. The longest night of the year, the official start of winter, and the ancient celebration of yule all take place in December. As late as 900 AD the adoption of the Christmas holiday was laid over Yule in order to help pagan societies of northern Europe better identify with the expansion of Christianity.

Yuletide (or the Time of Yule), however was originally a the pagan celebration of the start of winter. Yule is thought to refer to the "yule beings" or the gods. Translated as such, "yuletide" means "the time of the gods". It was thought that winter was the time Odin would take up the Wild Hunt, the drauger (undead) would walk the Earth, and was the time when sacrifices to the gods would be most potent.

With this magical time of year in mind, here are our December adventure hooks from WizCo Games!

10 Adventure Hooks for October

1. The snows came early this year, blown on icy winds from the mountains. The town is buried ten feet deep and all hope of rescue rests with the Wizard-of-the-Wood, but he has disappeared. For the last three nights his name can be heard in the chill night air, like a doomed whisper.

2. As the snows settle in upon the town at the foot of the mountains; all are prepared for winter. As the adventurer's wake they find the signs of a raid, all tracks heading into the mountains. Who is behind these raids and what was the purpose? How did they get in and out without alerting anyone?

3. Old Man Winnicky throws the best Winterstide party in all the valley. This year when he donned his dancing slippers he found that he could not stop. The town watched in growing horror as his antics grew more and more manic. Even now, exhausted and near death his feet just keep tapping out a dreadful beat.

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