10 Adventure Hooks for January

This month's Adventure Hooks go hand-in-hand with our January publication - 50 Excellent Emporiums! With these 10 hooks, you'll have no need to fall back on the tired old "You find yourself in a tavern" trope!

Here are a few of the hooks you can get every month for just $1!

1. Elixir of Life. Wicked Brew, the oldest alchemy shop in town, started selling a miracle elixir that restores youth and vigor. Inhuman noises issue from beneath the shop and red light has been seen from the basement. What is the secret behind this elixir, and why are all those who speak out against the shop disappearing?

2. The Menagerie. A local magical menagerie has been robbed and the wizard needs help recovering her stolen goods. Witnesses saw a young boy running into the junkyard behind the siegeworks carrying a stolen cold-iron treasure chest. What was in the chest and why is it so valuable to the menagerie?

3. Them Rats. The local cobbler, Tack & Heel, has been compaining about huge rats eating the leather stock in their cellar. An exterminator went to investigate, but came out screaming of huge, glowing beasts - the size of pigs! What are these creatures and why are they plaguing the cobbler?

...and there are 7 more available to our $1 and up Patrons!

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