10 Adventure Hooks for May

This month, WizCo Games brings you 10 Adventure Hooks for a steampunk, Eberron, or other aeroship campaign you might be running!

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Hopefully these creative ideas will help you get a jump start on prep for your game!

1. Lost Scout. A scout aeroship was sent out to investigate a series of strange lights seen on the horizon a few nights ago. The lights were gone by the next evening, but the scout never returned. What were the lights and what happened to the scout? 2. Murder on the Express. The late night express travels from Nofre Maz to Rynmark on a daily basis. Someone is murdered while the adventurers are on the express, but a suspect is nowhere to be found. The murder must be found before the express gets to port or they will escape forever! 3. Lights Out. The engines are out on the Lasiter. Adrift, the vessel is slowly sinking back to earth. Unfortunately, the magic containing the engines is also failing as a result. In the event the ship touches down, it will explode in a massive fireball. Can the group repair the engines and find out what sabotaged them to begin with? 4. Smuggler's Rest. A ship has recently taken off, headed out of the country carrying a crate of stolen artifacts. They are hidden in the cargo hold. If the ship makes it across the border, the artifacts are lost, likely forever. Can the party find the culprits and the artifacts in time? 5. On The Loose. The fire elemental powering "The Victorious" has been freed or escaped and is on the loose in the city. Perhaps consequently several fires have started near the docks in the last few hours. Where is the elemental and can the adventurers capture it without destroying it? 6. Overload. while docked at the aeroship tower for a routine inspection, the ammo magazines of Fate’s Loose Thread begin to overload. With no way to deactivate them and surrounded by nothing but city, how will the adventurers discharge them? Who or what is responsible for the mishap? 7. Mysterious Cargo. You catch wind of a shipping vessel virtually unprotected and ripe for the picking. With a little information gathered from the docks, you learn the ship has some very valuable cargo, and that it was obfuscated on the manifest. Needless to say this only served to further whet your appetite for the spoils! After intercepting and boarding the ship, there is only a skeleton crew and only a handful of armed guards. There's no loot and the only cargo is a single prisoner. One very famous pirate who is quite interested in making this trip worth your while...but can they be trusted? 8. Pirate Attack. There are few things more concerning to the frontier towns than a pirate attack. This morning while the adventurers were breaking fast, alarms bells went off across the village. Pirates on the horizon! Can the party fend-off the airborne pirate raid? 9. Superweapon. Dr. Fal Stonius has perfected his super weapon and now has plans to drop it on the capital! The adventurers have uncovered this dastardly plot, but can they board his ship in time to stop it! 10. Test Flight. A new form of aeroship has just been unveiled by Aerobird Industries. The Osprey-class steampowered masterpiece promises to shatter travel records the world over. It is for these reasons alone there is also danger lurking. Word has reached the adventurers of a sabotage attempt on the only Osprey in existence. Can the adventurers stop the saboteurs before they wreck the first flight of this revolutionary machine?


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