10 Adventure Hooks for April 2020

Whether venturing below the surface in search of treasure or to rescue someone kidnapped by the local goblins, underground adventures are an iconic part of Dungeons & Dragons (or just about any fantasy RPG). This month we go underground and take a look at ten hooks that can get your party to journey into the depths.

So here they are, 10 catchy Adventure Hooks for your dwarven or underground adventures!

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1. Eyes for Gold. A dwarven prospector approaches the party as they are recuperating at the local pub. He has uncovered a massive vein of gold, but needs their help. There are creatures that keep chasing him off from the location! Can the party help him? Are the creatures protecting something more important? 2. Lost Lakes. The fresh water source for one of the nearby dwarven villages has suddenly gone foul. A few dwarven warriors went to investigate, but have yet to return. What is befouling the water and where have the dwarves gone? 3. Tripping Fungus. An infestation of hallucinogenic mushrooms have slowly been making their way closer and closer to the dwarven village of Hammerstock. No matter what they try, the fungus continues its relentless approach. It might not be so bothersome were it not for the deleterious effects the mushrooms have on the mind. What is causing this inexplicable growth? 4. Dragonskin. The dwarves of Ackbarrow have caught a mysterious illness that is slowly turning their skin to a scaly, stone-like substance. Those who have succumbed to the disease are found petrified. What is causing this slow, wasting disease? How can it be stopped? 5. Siege of Gallowfell. The surface town of Gallowfell has fallen under siege by a relentless, unceasing flood of oozes and slimes. Where is this living ichor coming from and how can the town be saved (and cleaned)? 6. Flight of the Raven. Two nights ago, the dwarven prince, Thodin, was carried off by a murder of crows. They simply flocked around him and ushered him into the air. The last thing he was heard saying was "No, we had a deal!" What was this deal and where have the crows taken him? Is he even still alive? 7. Collapsed! The mountain town of Aspenreach has been recently experiencing tremors and minor earthquakes. This morning, while the adventurers are nearby, a massive sinkhole has emerged in the town square. Below the flicker of lights and cries for help can be heard; a tunnel visible far below. Who is down there and what are they doing under the town? 8. Raining Fire. Without warning, Yarnstown has come under fire from the dwarven cannons high upon the mountainside. While the fireballs seem unable to hit the town precisely, those that do hit are devastating. Why are the dwarves attacking the town and who can climb the mountain in time to save the town from total destruction? 9. Dwarven Thieves. The town coffers have been sacked and the people of Groveswood are struggling to understand why. Evidence and witnesses point the finger at thieves from the small dwarven community in the caves to the north. The dwarves insist they have know nothingof the robbery. Who can the adventurers believe and can they solve the crime before the two groups come to blows? 10. Ectoplasmic Haunts. A long-lost community of duergar have been uncovered after local dwarven warriors cleared out an infestation of kobolds. The unfortunate bit is the duergar are still resident, if a bit dead. They have all been changed into some sort of slime-covered skeletons, wandering about the cavern. Since their discovery, the abominations have been constantly flowing out of the cavern and into the dwarven village. Can the heroes help take care of these creatures and perhaps uncover what happened to them in the first place?

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