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1. The Bog Mother. The hamlet of Riverdown has long scraped by on the border of the Sorrowmoors Swamp. Recently, people have been witnessed dropping what they are doing, and simply stepping into the swamp - they wander off into the muck never to be seen again. What is compelling these people to drop everything and leave?

2. Blood Feud. 10 years ago the Druidic Circle of the Wolf retreated back into the swampy Troll Fens leaving the local Druidic Council with no explanation as to why. Now repots begin to surface of strange howling noises from within the Troll Fens along with sightings of strange creatures. What exactly is happening in the Troll Fens?

3. Rise of the Bog Men. Inky black tar pits have kept many from traversing the bogs, all save for a torchmaker who recently came back into town proclaiming to have seen mummified soldiers rise from the swamp. He did not stick around to see where they were headed or why they had risen…

4. Unearthed Remains. Legend has it that the local swamp covers the remains of an ancient civilization. The current drought has left water levels in the swamp dangerously low, revealing buried fossilized tools and strange vehicles protruding from the muck. Time to explore is short, however, as an incoming storm threatens to flood the swamp and rebury its secrets.

5. The Dread Bloom. A bloom of algae has overtaken the entire nearby swamplands. Fish are dying and the smell is intolerable. The vegetation has grown as well, with tangling vines covering everything. What is behind the verdant growth? 

6. Tyranny of the Scale. An ancient black dragon has awoken from a great slumber. It has lorded itself over a tribe of lizard men, and now the lizard men demand tribute from nearby human villages. Nothing more than bubbling husks have been found of those who refuse! This dragon must be dealt with!

7. Terror of the Toads. A plague of dire toads has arisen from the swamp. Nearby citizen have lost pets, herd animals, and even a child. The town is in great need of aid, but no one knows how to remove the pests and there are too many to confront with arms. 

8. The Back Door. Camped near a noisome mire near the border of Greywood, you have discovered a cavern entrance belching forth not only foul gas, but also...gemstones? There appear to be larger stones further inside. Is this a path to instant wealth or certian doom?

9. Troll Country. Warlord Greex was a troll of passable intelligence and a raw cunning for wartime tactics. The few who recognize these qualities search tirelessly for his fabled war scrolls, scrawled with his own claws on a long roll of stitched lizard skin. His famous dying words were, "To possess these secrets is to search for them." While rumored to have hidden them in a nearby swamp, is the danger worth the reward?

10. Lady of the Mire. For centuries there have floated rumors of a sword that rests deep in the bog near the village of Heryt on the outskirts of the kingdom. They who are bequeathed the sword by the Lady of the Mire, are said to become the rightful ruler of the Kingdom. There are many who have traveled into the bog over the years. While most return, many do not. Now the son of the local lord has gone in search of the sword and has not been seen in days. What fate has befallen him?

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