The Blackwood Society (“TBS”) is a growing group of role-playing game enthusiasts who combine the thrill of the gaming convention experience with the enjoyment and fun of Virtual Tabletop gaming (VTT gaming).

We offer Organized Play and a unique rewards system that make playing our games both exciting and fulfilling.

Players who join TBS not only have the opportunity to gather with other virtual tabletop players from around the world, but also get the chance to still participate in the conventions they love, but are unable to attend.

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About The Blackwood Agents – The Ravens
Welcome to The Blackwood Society (“TBS”), an organization of adventurers and protectors from across MANY different RPGs and RPG settings – this season we are producing Organized Play content for Dungeons & Dragons, StarFinder, and Pathfinder! The Ravens work to protect the realm from the incursion of evil, wherever it exists.


In the land of Eryphir, Blackwood Ravens work to keep the peace throughout the Ustren Commonwealth; in the Empire of Ash setting by Total Party Kill Games, Blackwood Rangers prowl the mountains above Helia, always vigilant, always searching for signs of the Unspeakable Ones return; from the space station over Redriss Prime, the Blackstar Corps works to rid the galaxy of extra-dimensional evil when and where they are called.

As a member of The Blackwood Society, you take on the role of a member of the society just like the characters in our Adventure Series. You earn experience and advance through Circles within the society, just as the iconic characters in each of our settings do. Advancing into higher circles earns you perks and higher priority when games and special events are available. You also earn credits you may use in our online store to purchase gear, cool merch, and content from our supporting third-party publishers.

Being a part of The Blackwood Society is NOT just about playing in the games, it is also about RUNNING games – whether that is convention games, virtual tabletop games, or other types of special events, you can help grow the Society by volunteering to run at any of our available ./ scheduled events!

Become a member of the Blackwood Society and a supporter all in one!


As a Patron and Member, you will gain access to additional Blackwood Society content, adventures, characters, history, mechanics, backstories, and more!

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Our Mission: Expanding the reach of conventions through virtual tabletop gaming and organized play

Vision: The Blackwood Society brings together an exceptional collection of adventurers dedicated to virtual tabletop gaming and organized play, enabling conventions to expand their reach, without expanding their footprint.

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