Entrepreneurs Matt Everhart, Brian Berg, Jimmy Duffie, and Danny Grimes launched the parent company WizCo Games, LLC. to open the door to new business ventures.  WizCo is the parent company of the Blackwood Society (TM) - an organized play community for publishing online and convention tabletop role-playing games, and Wizards of the Couch(TM) - a streaming channel.

The Blackwood Society (TM) allows players to join online virtual tabletop games through their favorite gaming platforms, while providing a persistent play experience consistent with other organized play groups established by prominent game companies. The Blackwood Society difference is the games are presented independently, allowing for a much greater breadth of content, while freeing players to explore beyond one single system or brand. The Blackwood Society's games have been played at popular gaming conventions such as Gary Con, Gamehole Con, KoboldCon, Genghis Con, GENCON and more, and you can simply join a Blackwood Society(TM) game online, make new friends and try out new games.


Wizards of the Couch(TM) will feature Everhart, Berg, Duffie, and Grimes along with other personalities and celebrity guests in a fun and energetic open forum discussion panel on tabletop gaming news and topics.  The streaming venue will be live on Monday nights at 9PM CST with other segments forthcoming during the week.


Matt "KC Rift"

Grand Pooba (CEO)


KC Rift is the owner of KoboldCon in Colorado Springs, publisher of several RPG supplements including content in the Wardens of the Wild, The Deductionist for the Pathfinder RPG, and The Feybinder base class for Pathfinder. His current project for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is a horror series of adventures based in his own campaign setting called Eryphir.


The Rambler (CCO)

Danny is a professional GM who has run large scale games at GENCON (and other cons) since 1986. D&D, Call of Cthulhu and Numenera are his preferred gaming vintages. He currently serves as chief editor and art director for Blackwood Society and designer/owner of Delvingwood Collectible Game Terrain. Danny Grimes is a C-level marketing and operations executive in his non-gaming life.


The Gambler (COO)

Brian is the co-founder and director of operations for Total Party Kill Games, having published or been credited in over 100 titles in the fantasy gaming sphere over the last ten years. He is a long-time gamer and loves hearing about other people's RPG characters.  By day, Brian is the brand manager for a social gaming company.


The Gadgeteer (CTO)

Whether reading books, watching movies, or playing tabletop RPGs, Jimmy Duffie nurtured his love of fantasy based stories since he was introduced to D&D back in the summer of 1981. With 30 years of work in IT and Film/Video production, he brings another unique business perspective to WizCo games and looks forward to the creative collaboration with his new partners.

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