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Wizards of the Couch -helping Dungeon Masters learn the game.
Blackwood Society is a form of organized for virtual tabletop and convention gaming


WizCo Games, LLC. owns and operates several initiatives dedicated to helping gamemasters and players learn, play, and enjoy the hobby of role-playing games!

  • The Blackwood Society brings you monthly content for your live and virtual tabletop RPG (including popular RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons 5e). Much of this content, like maps and pictures, can be used for just about any role-playing game to enhance your tabletop experience.

  • Wizards of the Couch brings you fun and applicable commentary on the history of RPGs, tips for gamemasters to take to their table, and invaluable insider scoop from RPG industry giants! 

Wizards of the Couch is a great Twitch stream featuring four veteran Dungeon Masters and industry insiders sharing their behind-the-screen secrets to the world of Role-Playing Games and tabletop gaming in general. 

The Blackwood Society is a Virtual Tabletop Gaming and Organized Play program for Independent writers and publishing companies. 


Blackwood Society games are available online or look us up at your favorite convention!

We love our partners in the gaming industry and could not be happier for the strong relationships we are building in this endeavor!